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Fresh Cut Care Tips

After you receive your orchids ,open the

boxes immediately and put flower in a

cooler room temperatures 50-60 Fahenheit .

After removing the wrapping sleeve. you can take care your fresh cut orchids last longer by following :

1.Cut stems 1/4 inch (approximately 1 cm) should be cut from the end of the stem with a sharp knife each day.(if possible while cut the stem is submerged in water)

2. spray of water mist or completely submerge flowers in warm water for 10-15 minutes


4. place the stems in the vase and every two days the water should be replaced with fresh water


5. blooms should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Claim Policy

Upon receipt of your shipment . Please open immediately after flight landing . Product must be reported within 24 hours .

Our claim policy as follows:

Case 1:

the damages which cause by packing process .We can prove and accept with photo and company documents with information required as follows:

Date of Receipt

Invoice Number



Your credit will then be emailed to you.

Case 2 :

The damages which cause by pest inspection , please notify us

along with the pictures.we prefer to have government document

(Emergency Action Notification:USA case) as evidence so we can put the claim with in 48 hours

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